Hollywood Education Institute

Student Integrity and Academic Honesty Policy

The maintenance of academic integrity and quality education is the responsibility of each student at Hollywood Education Institute. Cheating or plagiarism in connection with an academic program is an offense for which a student may be expelled, suspended, or given a less-severe disciplinary action. Academic dishonesty is a serious offense that diminishes the quality of scholarship and defrauds those who depend upon the integrity of the educational system. Academic dishonesty includes:

1. Cheating: Intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, or study aids in any academic exercise.

  • Students completing any examination should assume that external assistance (e.g., books, notes, calculators, conversations with others) is prohibited unless specifically authorized by the instructor.
  • Students may not allow others to conduct research or prepare any work for them without advance authorization from the instructor.
  • Substantial portions of the same academic work may not be submitted for credit in more than one course without authorization.

2. Fabrication: Intentional falsification or invention of any information or citation in an academic exercise.

3. Facilitation of academic dishonesty: Intentionally or knowingly helping or attempting to help another to commit an act of academic dishonesty.

When a student is found to have violated academic integrity, the instructor is required to notify the Academic Director and the student(s) involved.  

A course grade of ‘F’ may be assigned, or another grade penalty may be applied at the discretion of the course instructor. Additional disciplinary sanctions are determined by the Academic Director. Disciplinary sanctions may include disciplinary probation, suspension, or permanent expulsion from the institution or the Hollywood Education Institute system, administrative hold on the release of records, and withholding of a certificate. Disciplinary probation shall be noted on the student’s formal academic record only for the duration of the probationary period.