Hollywood Education Institute

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Satisfactory Academic Progress is defined as each student maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 70% = C or better. For determining satisfactory progress and facilitating discussion of the student’s training progress, a progress report is administered to the student each module, for all programs.

Grading Format

  • A = Excellent 90% – 100%
  • B = Good 80% – 89%
  • C = Satisfactory 70% – 79%
  • D = Poor 60% – 69%
  • F = Failure Below 60%
  • I = Incomplete

All student is expected to maintain a cumulative minimum attendance of 80% and progress a cumulative grade point average of 70% = C or better at the end of each 11-weeks quarter. The program of Standard ESL, Semi-Intensive ESL, and Intensive ESL are consisting of four academic proficiency levels (i.e. Beginning, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, and Advanced), and each level is divided into two 11-weeks quarter. Students are notified their progress at the end of each 11-weeks quarter by email.

Each 11-weeks quarter has 3 examinations: Module 1 Test, Midterm, and Final.

Program Clock Hours

  • Intensive ESL (4 Levels) 2464.0
  • Semi-Intensive ESL (4 Levels) 2112.0
  • Standard ESL (4 Levels) 1636.8

Graduation Requirement

Students must have a cumulative grade point average of 70% or “C” grade and 80% cumulative attendance in order to be considered for graduation. Students will receive email from Hollywood Education Institute every week to inform their current attendance percentage. Upon successfully graduating the program level, meeting all completion requirements, students will receive a Certificate.

The Certificate will be available to graduates no later than 30 days from last day of attendance unless Student Services receives a written request to provide it earlier.

Proficiency Levels

If a student does not achieve a 70% or a “C” at the end of a program he/she must repeat the current program level with a documented learning plan.

Academic Probation

A student achieving a grade point average below 70% or a “C” at the time of evaluation will be advised of his/her unsatisfactory academic progress and placed on academic probation with a documented learning plan for 11 weeks in any programs until such time as his/her grade point average reaches a minimum of 70% or “C”. A student’s visa remains active while on probation. If the student fails to achieve a “C” average within 11 weeks, he/she will be withdrawn, and the student’s withdrawal will be reported to the SEVIS. For online students will get notify by email.

Hollywood Education Institute will automatically administratively withdraw a student after s/he has been absent for a maximum of 30 consecutive calendar days (excluding any scheduled breaks of the institution).

For online students, absent means not attending classes and/or no academic activity in the Hollywood Education Institute LMS that relative to the classes.

The student will be notified verbally and in writing (or an email for online student), if he or she is being administratively withdrawn for unsatisfactory academic progress.

Language Training Length

A student may obtain training from Hollywood Education Institute for a maximum of 36 months.


If a student does not agree with a progress report or probation status, he/she may appeal the statements/decision. He/she must submit a written (or an email for online student) appeal to the School Director within one week of the progress report meeting with documentation to support the appeal, where appropriate. The Director will make a decision within seven days and notify the student of her decision in writing.