Hollywood Education Institute

English as a second Language

We provide a variety of ESL Programs to meet your needs!

Standard ESL

This program has been designed to provide students with an opportunity to acquire language skills methodically using an integrated skills approach. Students improve language skills through qualified instruction in a small group setting. The standardized, intensive skills-based curriculum assures a system approach to language acquisition.

Semi Intensive ESL

This program is designed for students who want a more immersive curriculum with extended study periods. The Semi-Intensive English classes combine formal instruction with fun, engaging activities that promote a deeper understanding of the English language.

Intensive ESL

This program is the most comprehensive program at Hollywood Education Institute and is designed for students who want to improve their English language skills at a rapid pace. This program is designed to include both formal instruction and fun, engaging activities to assist students in developing their language skills for both academic purposes and day-to-day English interactions.