Hollywood Education Institute

Student Identity Verification Policy and Procedure


This policy applies to all programs offered by Hollywood Education Institute, beginning with the application for admission and continuing through to a student’s graduation, transfer, or withdrawal from study. Hollywood Education Institute is committed to ensuring the integrity of our academic programs and maintaining high standards of academic honesty. As such, Hollywood Education Institute reserves the right to request government-issued documentation of identity with other personal information from students for the purpose of ensuring that the person enrolled in the course is the person completing assignments, exams, and all other course requirements.


During the admissions process, students are required to provide personal information, including their name, date of birth, government-issued identification  (i.e. driver’s license or passport), high school/college attended, and prior degrees received as well as other contact information (i.e. current home address and a valid email address). The administrative staff reviews and verifies the authenticity of the documents and confirms that they are valid and accurate prior to an admissions decision.


Once admitted, each student is assigned a unique username and password to log into the HEI’s learning management system (currently Moodle). Students are responsible for providing their complete and true identity information in any identification verification process.

Throughout the student’s enrollment, Hollywood Education Institute uses a variety of methods to verify the student’s identity, including secure logins and passwords, proctored exams, and other technologies to verify the identity of students: 


  • Secure logins and passwords: Hollywood Education Institute requires students to create unique usernames and passwords, which are used to authenticate the student’s identity when they log in to Moodle (LMS), to ensure that only the student has access to their coursework and assessments.
  • Proctored exams: Hollywood Education Institute verifies the student’s identity by checking their ID and comparing it to the student on camera for online classes or in-person for hybrid courses to ensure that the person taking an exam is the same person who was admitted.

Any student engaged in incidents of student identity fraud may face reprimand, disciplinary warning, a lowered or failing grade(s), and/or probation, suspension from the course, academic program, or expulsion from the Institution. 


All identity verification documents will be handled in a confidential manner to the extent possible. Hollywood Education Institute protects the privacy of student information in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and any other applicable laws or regulations regarding the confidentiality of personally identifiable information, and the Institute’s Privacy Policy.